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Discussion in 'Trading' started by nljones5, Mar 29, 2002.

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    Where threads morph to is truly a trip
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  2. I made my first trade when I was 60. That was two years ago. I am just now reaching profitability. My goal is to be able to move into full time trading at 65.
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    Philosophical and theological subjects are among my most favorite discussions. I find on message boards, people have no problems expressing their opinions because of the inherently anonymous nature. This can make for some very lively discussions. However, because this is a trading thread, perhaps those interested can take it somewhere else. Just let me know where :) . I will say this, you can't have light w/out darkness as you cannot have life w/out death. It's as simplistic or complex as you want it to be.

    Faster-- you're half right.
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  4. when i hunger, i eat.
    when i thirst, i drink.
    when i lust, i fornicate.
    when i need solace,

    i create a god.

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  5. i would love to discuss this further with you and any others with similar interests.

    where can we go?

    also, please don't keep me in suspense,

    which half is right?

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    Trading hasn't changed since the beggining of time. it's just a little zippier and you don't get to look into their eyes.
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    If you are new to trading Swing or daytrading, I cannot stress enough that you MUST paper trade for at least 1 month.

    You MUST be honest to yourself when paper trading, that means keeping accurate record of all your losses and gains, without making excuses.
    Only when you have succesfully paper traded for over a month, do you proceed to the real thing.

    Last and most important advice I can bestow on you is.
    By all means, you MUST set stop lost and hang on to it.
    It does not matter how often you win, the game is about surviving.

    High flyers who dont set stop loss well eventually succumb to the market.
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    Your halfway to knowing the truth. You know religion confines the believer, you know your beliefs rank you in the lower 1% of the general population with same theories, in which that alone gives it credibility. But what's behind the door? Sandworms?... I think you're pretty close
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  9. ".....your beliefs rank you in the lower 1% of the general population with same theories, in which that alone gives it credibility."

    lol, i like the way you think.

    perhaps we could use this thread for our discussion, i think its author got what he wanted,

    and our use would continue its usefulness (besides other interested ETers could participate).

    we can think of it as recycling a thrown away thread.

    so bronks, what is behind door # "eternity"?

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