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    The slope of your learning curve will have a lot to do with your intelligence, but can be greatly enhanced by studying with a successful trader. Books are great, but once you read everything out there it's still going to take time to separate the wheat from the chafe. Most participants here will tell you that there's a lot of rubbish printed and some critical information you're unlikely to find in any book. Seek guidance if it's available, even in the form of Elite Trader. Hope you have many years of prosperous trading before you get to that "Blackness." But fret not "The eternal ocean continually washes up the same astonished souls upon the beach." :D

    Good Luck and Big Profits!
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    Age has little to do with trading. I'm 57, trade actively, do fine. The secret is trade, dont invest. Take the time necessary to get an approach you are comfortable with and do it.
    Good luck
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    IMO one nice thing about trading is that you don't need to retire ever. You just need to be sane. I have read an article about some Filipino guy in California who started to trade because he broke both of his legs and had to stay at home for a long time.

    P.S. Once you disappear into DARKNESS though, it's all over!!
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  4. i didn't think so.
    don't be foolish.
    count on only what you have now.
    magnify this 'earthly existence'.
    and don't *expect* more.
    this is it, there is no more to be had. :-|
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  5. Frightening as it seems, we must accept the Truth.

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  6. Faster,

    Sounds like you've got all your kitties in a row.

    If you're so sure about it, then you've got nothing to worry about.
    If you're wrong-- well, you've got a real awakening coming.

    The real question is which way are you willing to play the probability?
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  7. Brother Pussy,

    Please save this atheist (or at worst agnostic) talk for after this Holiday weekend... I am trying to be somewhat religious, at least for the next few days, and you are trying to persuade me that what I am doing is an exercise in futility :eek:

    Brother Candle
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    You are inextricably woven into the fabric of existence. Your acceptance or denial change nothing. The weak mind knows only what it can see, taste, hear, feel, or smell. The average mind realizes there is more and creates myths to obviate it's fear of the unknown. The enlightened mind begins to realize its auspicious posture and celebrates in this realization.:)

    Good Luck and Big Profits!
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  9. such talk is only profane to the *believer*. i am immune to this constraint.

    alas, i am a nothingmore than product of the nature.

    nothing more.

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  10. stockerup,

    you are arguing "pascal's wager", and that has been refuted a long time ago.


    "tis grim indeed our fate..."
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