Again.. wtf...Lambo on Wall Street

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by GregoryG, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. GregoryG


    i thought wall street is screwed.
    but some asshole keeps driving a fucking bright orange lambo as if its january of 06
    and then i saw some other ass in the crest with a white one.
    wtf is going on.

  2. they made some money that's whats going on!
  3. the bright orange lambo is mine (actually it's not orange it's "metallic tangelo") :D
  4. Post some pics!

    how much is the oil/transmission fluid change on that thing?
  5. i have a jack. i change it myself.
  6. about $350 for just engine oil, or $1200+ for engine + gear oil + brake fluid and other maintenance. it's about the same for ferraris too.
  7. i call you on this. what model do you have, and describe the procedure for changing the engine oil?

    what is the drain plug bolt size and shape, and where are the jack points?

    i helped my friend changed his gallardo's oil so i know all this. let's see if you know it too. don't bother googling it, it's not out there. only someone who has done it would know.
  8. GregoryG


    Haha! I saw the guy again few days ago when we got that nice warm weather ;)

    And I gathered the balls to talk to him.. Not a jerkoff as I thought he would be.

    PS he actually trades and has posted on ET before .

  9. This one?

  10. "Orange" lambo? Thats a risky color. Not sure it really fits but hey, I don't have one! :p :D :( :mad:
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