Again, What Were the Benefits of Locking Down?

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    ...deaths from COVID-19. In fact, “deaths among a narrow 1.7% group of the population are greater than deaths from the other 98.3%.”

    We are seeing desperate attempts by politicians, public health officials, and media commentators somehow to make sense of why the United States pursued the course it did with the closures, stay-home orders, travel bans, and near-universal quarantine, in violation of every principle that America has celebrated in its civic culture.

    With the evidence coming in that the lockdowns were neither economically nor medically effective, it is going to be increasingly difficult for lockdown partisans to marshal the evidence to convince the public that isolating people, destroying businesses, and destroying social institutions was worth it."
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    The real issue here is that nobody has ever tested how many people has ever died from Influenza in any given year, the way we have tested people for this damned COVID.

    I mean, when you had the sniffles in years past, did you visit your doctor and they would say, "OOOH, let me draw your blood or swab your nose to see if you have the flu!"

    No, they did not. If they had, and you were positive, you were a positive case. But they did not bother. They sent you home with Tylenol and said drink lots of fluids and stay warm.

    If you caught pneumonia and died, did they attribute it to the flu? No, they attributed it to pneumonia, even though the flu may have caused the pneumonia to form in the first place. You weaken one part of the system, others weaken as well.

    Guess what people, the Influenza virus has been circulating through the human species all year long, for decades, vaccine not withstanding. The only reason most of us succumb to the thing is when during wintertime, when temps are low, our immune system is weakened in trying to keep us warm and fight off all the other nasties that are in our bodies.

    Something's gotta' give. Until recently, it was the flu.

    Now there's a new bugger in town, the COVID.
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    1918 Spanish Flu took actually 3 years to pass, yet we didn't wreck the economy. Neither did we this with the 1958 pandemic. As for the 'vaccine'... do they have SARS vaccine?
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    What evidence are they talking about? Fewer people getting sick at once dramatically lowers the load on hospitals. If there was no control over movement, you'd have hospitals turning away most people. Then you'd have complaints that hospitals aren't performing their functions. Not all methods for quarantine are effective everywhere (limits people's movements at night, for example) but some of it is necessary.
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    You can't really compare 2019 to 1918 or even 1958. Globalization was minimal, you didn't have millions crossing borders regularly. Also, population was quite a bit lower in 1918 and I believe the majority lived in rural areas, not cities as we do now.
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    If any thing 1918 seems worse than 2020. Estimated 500 million worldwide infections and 675,000 US deaths.
    Younger healthy demographics affected, especially the 20-40 age group.
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    Direct quote from an American (you guessed right, Floridian) woman:

    " I don't wear a mask for the same reason I don't wear an underwear. Things got to breath."
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  8. You are misinformed. In reality, there is even more evidence why the lock down was necessary. Sloppy openings and reckless human behavior is creating massive new problems in several states. Meanwhile, the whining about a destroyed economy is massively overdone. Those of you who lack the patience and self control to wait this out are online bitching about how put out you are. Seriously, get the fuck over yourself.
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    historic travel widespread
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