Again, the "looking for cofounders" thread

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    Seems appropriate to place it in "Entrepreneurship" forum, please don't ban me, I'm not drunk :)

    The setup:
    1) Four cofounders and one employee. Equal shares, so each gets 20%.
    2) Project duration: 3 years (*** some observations later).
    3) Monthly amount invested by cofounders: $500. That makes $18,000 for the whole project.
    6) Location of business: a cheap place in EU. Doesn't even need to be in Eastern Europe, you can rent an 80 square meters apartment in a nice cozy village in Germany with below €500 / month:

    This one's 30 minutes from the center of Munich, I guess you can rent even cheaper deeper in the countryside but probably there's no need.
    7) Intended product: proprietary hedge fund. We start with our own capital, each of the 5 guys (including the employee) puts $10,000 in an Interactive Brokers account. Target profitability is 50% / year. If we achieve that then the business is already self-financing (pays for the employee) and the =~ 18,000 can go in additional trading capital.
    8) Target overall profitability: 50% per year on a $10,000,000 capital running for 5 years. At 20% commission that's 5,000,000 so each cofounder gets $1,000,000.
    9) Target financial domain for the hedge fund: options trading.
    A) Expected demographics for the cofounders:
    - Experience as a quant doing options trading
    - Must NOT be working for or be affiliated with a competitor.
    - As close as possible to "overnight success" (which as you may know, takes 10 years) but not yet successful (I presume, since there would be no reason to associate with others in this case).

    Comments and suggestions welcomed.
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    The idea is actually not so excentric. I did find a few similar advertisements on founder2be (which claims to have 90,000 registered users). And there's also cofounderslab which claims 400,000 users. It's just that the ads look pretty lame.

    === First example of what I think it's a clueless guy ===

    My idea is to create a Hedge Fund or an Equities Trading Business in the city of New York. I already have the structure in place. I also have over 5 years of investor relationship management experience, covering the entire lifespan: From the investor acquisition to the eventual exit.

    I would prefer to team up with individuals living in New York, or other metropolitan areas that serve as hubs for investors.

    The structure I have is solid road map to a 10 figure business.

    I'll be looking forward to all those who are interested to contacting me.

    Your preferred requirements are one (or more) of the following:

    1. Someone with experience in day trading/stock market analysis/any other financial role
    2. Someone with experience in business management
    3. Someone qualified to make and manage a high profile website
    4. Someone qualified in business real estate selection and acquisition

    If you aren't qualified with any of the above, but have serious desire to jointly build a business, write me anyway. There will be a selection process and a trial period, all those selected will be on a path of wealth.

    === Second lame guy

    I come from the commercial real estate industry, grew up in it actually and have access to all of our money partners. I also have been trading for 5 years now and love it. I like the ability to make money in up and down markets, and so do investors.

    I am looking for a developer/partner to start a hedge fund with that will handle the programming back end of the automated trading systems. Some one that knows Machine learning and C++ to start, as well as the desire to find the newest and greatest out there to stay ahead of the curve.

    I know this is concise but if you are interested let me know and we can get more detailed.

    === Third guy

    I have been trading the markets for 10 years and I have seen what works and what does not. I have spent approximately 6-digit hours of screen time watching price data of huge numbers of financial instruments, including trading and analyzing it.
    There are some patterns and price actions that show up over and over again that can be coded to generate alpha (profit). This is not the only one that can be explored. I have many other ideas based on statistical analysis to generate alpha.

    However, I am working alone. I need extra head for doing the programming and R&D.

    If there is anyone, who would like to join in, please make sure you have good programming skills, and strong interest in the financial markets.