Again considering turning fulltime...

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  1. hi all

    I'm back again, since my last post in another thread (Seriously thinking turning Fulltime trader) dated 15/Feb till now, i'm able to generate 40% gain. But I'm still below 100k in capital.

    I'm wanted to move to full time trading, but still thinking whether should i wait to reach 100k in capital first, just to be safe... but i just feel like quitting now...dilemma
  2. oops, thought that my previous thread has too many pages for reading, so started new thread, but someone did reply though, so sorry for multiple posting :D :D
  3. Can you cover your living expenses (rent, food, mortgage, car, lease, gas, insurances, wife, kids, girlfriend(s), vacation etc.) out of trading 100k over the next 12-18 months?

    I would consider the worst case when you start going full time: Imagine you suffer a 6 month 30% draw down in principal capital from day one.

    Punch all this in a spreadsheet and see if 100k is enough. I guess in the best case (no drawdown, low living expenses it is), in the worst case (unexpected personal expenses, regular drawdown that can happen any time) you will burn through the 100k within 12 months.
  4. I see what you mean, not enough capital... it is true, rather risky.
  5. C- kid

    C- kid

    you are not yet ready,

    when the day comes that you understand that you can trade with 10 k and make money for rent and food and OK living

    when that day comes, you will be ready

    sorry now you are not ready, you severely lack understanding

    and I hate to see you lose money, but we all went through that