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    I like this one, will probably get on board. I also like the fact there was high volume on the sell off on the 2nd and 5th of March then after that the support held at the 40 day moving average. The fact that there might be some catch up vs the other expiries is a bonus.
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    and it closed above 1.50 yesterday. it was a good spot.
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    F...Lumber limit down...I need to stop trading outrights. It 's always the same. Every year I think " what about trading pure prices for a change ?". For a month or 2, results are good, I am encouraged. Then I lose it all and stop. See you next year for my next attempt...:confused:

    Edit : At least I am out @ 476.6
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  4. @TraDaToR
    I think that
    On outrights you battle against the cash traders
    On spreads you benefits from them because they move the term structure with their big trades
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  5. Back on ET
    To try to do outrights !
    Short ZM Q8 @ 383.2 because spreads are already down, Rosario soy is going down, funds are mega short. Soy stocks are still very high

    And I think I ll go short Kansas wheat soon
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    You mean mega long? Not so sure about ZM but I would have shorted KE if I wasn't a recovering outright trader.

    NB: WASDE is tomorrow. I would have waited...
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  7. Short SM, yes
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    This sounds like lining up just to get punched in the face. Not sure why you'd be interested in bucking the trend just yet.
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  9. Yeah maybe it's too early. But KW is really expensive, commercials are selling & funds will cut their trend following systems on a downmove
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    I have just exited half my KW/ZW Jul18 @ 34.25.

    KW is overvalued for sure... Against ZW? Not sure but I take half here. I bought @ 4 so it is a good trade no matter what...
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