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    Searched the Ag forum and couldn't really find what I was looking for. A few quick questions:

    1. What is the best RETAIL options modeling program for commodity (specifically grain and livestock) futures options. I traded ag spreads at a small firm, and sat next to one of the ag options traders, and liked his modeling / execution software( OptionsCity or ORC, can't remember which it was). Obviously though, I don't need quite that same advanced MM and mass quote capability just for my own acct :)

    2. How can I get access to the RFQs that come across the wire and also some of the large options activity reports from the floor?

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  3. depends how advanced you need to get I suppose. Not an options expert myself, but you might ask Heech, I know he is very much involved in futures options trading.

    I use ProphetX and have used CQG...both offer options analysis with "what if" inputs to model price / vola changes etc.

    To your other question...are you talking players sheets or block trades when you ask about large floor trades? I know most FCMs put out players sheets midday and EOD....I get them from RJO and ABN. I know Newedge puts some sheets out with EOD analysis...but doubt you have the $$ to have an acct there...I sure don't lol

    You can see RFQ's by trading over the CME platform...although I've noticed I even see them now in the toolbar of my T4 platform (CTS).

    Hope this helps a little...but like I said, try to PM one of the more options-centric traders here.