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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by olias, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. olias


    Has anyone started trading the electronic grain options? They just came online today.

    If so, which platform are you using? How has the experience been?
  2. I sold some straddles in July ZC this morning. Nice to see your limit hit the order book. Fills were at the mid. I used interactive brokers.
  3. I'm thinking of trading these too. Do you think we can all post our fill relative to the market makers bid/ask? Something like "out of the money bid plus 2 ask" so that we can have an idea where to place limit orders.
  4. These options should be almost completely electronic in no time as most of the options stratagies on grains are not that complex (simple naked calls and puts along with basic spreads). Liquidity might be an issue but more than likely not. From what I have heard these options lend themselves more to electronic trading versus treasury options which are at least 50% pit traded still.

    However atticus is the guy to ask here as he has forgot more than I could ever hope to know in the options game
  5. ZF, sorry, I don't recall the posted market at the time. I was roughly mid on my calls at 45 for the July 600s. I sold the synthetic in lieu of posting the puts. Long spot, short 2* calls. IIRC, the market was 5-wide.

    Time in force was approx 4-5mins.