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  1. Hi guys, apologies for what may seem a pretty obvious question. What are the major announcements that one must watch out for on the grains markets? I have been looking at the following calendar but just after a heads up as to which one s traders really look out for

    Thanks in advance
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    For me it's just WASDE. And it's not even to trade but to cancel my orders before the release.
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    In my opinion

    Monthly supply and demand report (WASDE), Quarterly Grain Stocks (end of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) and Planting Intentions. If you're new to the markets, it's best not to carry a futures position through these reports.

    IMPORTANT (depending on the time of year and underlying S&D)
    Weekly Crop Progress & Condition and Weekly Export Sales

    Weekly export inspections, weekly ethanol production & inventory, a number of livestock reports and the weekly COT report. These can be important on a cumulative basis, but an individual report typically will not cause a sharp market move. I mostly ignore them and let the Efficient Market Theory take care of their impact.
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    the Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin (WAOB) is also fun to read, if there's la nina forecast, it'll be bullish for beans
  5. what ever happened to the Leslie Report?

    does it still exist?

    at one time it was kept under lock and key until anouncement
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    I think he retired long ago but he still has an interest in the markets at age 89. Good to know that trading does not rot the brain.
  7. Im able to stay well away from grains announcements with these sites, but are there any sites or services where I can get the results in close to real time? I use for all the financial announcements but having a hard time getting anything for grains
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