Afternoon Rally?

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  1. We have seen this same chart pattern over and over for weeks now. The market jumps in the morning on short covering and then consolidates for a few hours, only to return to rallying in the afternoon. I see no signs this won't happen today. Even the index future charts are showing the same pattern as they have throughout the entire rally.

    Will we see another afternoon rally?
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    I typed your question into this:

    It said yes....
  3. Is this anything like Jeeves II?
  4. Rally on market, rally on

    I can see those green shoots growing!
  5. Hold you nose and jump in.
  6. Sounds like muff diving
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  8. 50 points range in the Dow for the last 5 hours.
  9. No sellers only buyers. Buyers loading up for another 100 point move high into the close.

    Long YM 2 contracts 8320. Selling both @ 8380 right before the close.
  10. Stop 8280.
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