afternoon bounce?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ptrjon, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. ptrjon


    Anybody think we might see some recovery today? The value's out there and fear of inflation may begin to sink in. If I had to guess, I'd say SP 500 closes at 1100.
  2. If 1083 can hold, basis Sept. we may be able to recover some losses. The problem right now is equity traders are beginning to look to what the Debt market is saying (deflation!).

  3. If GS, BOfA, C, MS and JPM "borrow" today at 0.25 % and decide actually to give shorts a hard time, this might happen. :eek:
  4. Will the "recovery" begin at:
    a) 2:20pm
    b) 2:30pm
    c) 2:40pm
    d) Not at all
    e) Before 2:15pm
    (Times are CST/Chicago) :cool:
  5. LEAPup


    Looking at the 5min spy, we've been base building on low volume for the last two hours. A bounce? We'll see.
  6. inflation? What is that? We are in a deflationary environment for quite some time in case you have not noticed. Why on the other side are commodities being bought? Not because of inflationary fear but because there are no other vehicles to chase yield anymore. Equity markets are doomed, government bonds are doomed (longer term), USD is tanking (except today which I describe just as a short-term bounce). Markets are completely messed up in terms of fundamentals. The reason is government intervention. The moves have nothing anymore to do with market forces at work. I currently completely ignore fundamentals and trade pure price action.

    Back to the point, inflation is far faaaaaaaar away, something we will deal with big time but later on, not now.

  7. Great week for shorts...

    ES in the midst of retracing to 1055ish
    6E pulling back to 125.50
    YM spiraling to 10077

    No significant bounces just a steady push down.
  8. S2007S


    ALL you bulls should be buying at this very second, with all the 1250-1300 year end predictions this is a guaranteed buying opportunity to make loads of money without any risk.

  9. TGregg


    Closing at the LOTD. Yay. :)
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