Afternoon bounce?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Stay the hell out long and wait for close at lows perhaps? No Bernanke pump speech...

    Think I will hang on sidelines and wait for better bargains.

    This is a good opportunity for perma-bears to really drive the market down and piss away last 2 days gains.
  2. This market is treacherous for shorts right now.

    Good Luck!
  3. gobar


    sold my calls..

    i thought market will be up today but it getting worse...

    currently i have 1 MA put and 2 MA call..

    i will wait till 3.00 to see the direction of the market..

    took $50 loss on calls today :(
  4. At around 1PM, there was a massive cover and sucker rally trap. I just have a gut feeling it gets uglier into close.

    I'm a pussy right now to make a play in either direction. Think I will just wait to go long over weekend if we really sell off in the last hour.
  5. Added to structural short. Don't typically like to do this this way, but risk/reward profile favorable. We shall see.
  6. Bears can really have a field day into the close and press the action. I'd like to see a solid close under 12,600 and sub spooz 1400.

    A day like late last Feb. is not out of the question. A 3-5% flush in the DOW in one day is due. We'll see what happens in last half hour of trading....
  7. I think its just gonna be chop the rest of the way, no real trend forming into the close.
  8. S2007S


    yea, I think thats what the market needs. A 5% + drop in a single day could be a positive for this market.
  9. Some a-hole could start some BS .75 cut on the floor and f the bears though. Wouldn't surprise me....I'm staying on the sideline till about 3:50 to decide what I will do over the weekend.
  10. Just buy at the close if we sell off, the PPT won't let the market get below 1380 on the S&P, so not much downside risk.
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