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  1. Alright so this is whats up, I've been watching ATMI on times and sales. Today it closed at 30.06, and now the after market is at like 30.36. However, it's rather low volume, only 2 big orders and some smaller ones. After watching atmi for a couple days, it seems the after market doesn't reflect the next days price.

    How do people decipher the after market?

    or is there even a point unless theres at least a modest amount of volume?
  2. Lucrum


    I'm looking at a 29.40 bid 31.01 ask.
    At less than 500K shares a day during RTH
    I think I would not only ignore AH on this one but avoid AH altogether.
    Just my opinion of course.
  3. thanks for the input, i have a question though. on the times and sales, not too long after market close, I saw 30.2194 at 21800 and 30.2289 at 19100. Is there any way to figure out whether those were sells or buys?
  4. Lucrum


    Well for every buyer there is a seller.
    What you could deduce from the trades though is that one, combined they make up nearly 9% of average daily volume and therefore are probably note worthy.
    Two, they printed well above the RTH close of 30.06 indicating the buyer was far more aggressive than the seller.

    Otherwise I personally wouldn't make too much of it, unless maybe you have been watching this stock like a hawk and happen to know that this is very unusual activity for this stock.
  5. Dustin


    Those are all Form T trades which are basically meaningless. You can't participate in them, and they are just printed after the close even though the price may have been agreed upon earlier in the day. In Esignal you can add "Flags" to your T&S to tell you whether a trade is Form T.
  6. ============
    cra -Trade
    Most dont do after market;
    volume proves it.

    Real tick used to call it ''irregular hours'':cool:
    If you must watch irregular hours, look @QQQQ, premarket.......:cool: