Aftermarket hangover

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by eusdaiki, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. At least 3 times a week, after the market closes, I get this feeling like I run out of steam and I just bunk... At 3:55 I'm totally energetic... by 4:15 I'm ready to go to sleep... feeling tired and maybe even a headache...

    Any one else gets a "hangover" effect after the market closes?
  2. Drew07


    Yeah I did today but probably because I started drinking at 330.
  3. do you have a window next to your trading desk that you can look out from... you need to switch focus between near and far several times throughout the trading day. nature scene is best.

    how much did your chair cost? you cant go cheap when it comes to your trading chair.

    what type of carbs do you take in during the morning? the more unrefined the better.

    hows your sharpe ratio? may sound silly ......but the lower the sharpe the more energy is sapped from you throught the day.

    finally... i would implement a rule that when market is flat.... shut off the comp and go off to do something else.

    you may feel like you're perfectly fine up until the market close, but thats because your attention is on trading.... when trading is done...... you then notice that your tired

  4. You have developed diabetes or you have a massive brain tumor.

    See your physician immediately.
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    Most mid-arvo lethargy is caused by dehydration. Drink more water or tea during the day, and hang off the coffee.

  6. Xuanxue


    Adding to lack of hydration and a better diet (steamed veggies!): blood circulation. Walk, run, fuck even - just get off your ass after close.
  7. bathrobe


    I have the same problem, but I sleep until 8:00 to 9:00 and then am full of energy for most of the night.

    I have thought of taking a sleeping pill, only 1 to reset my internal clock, but I am worried it will make me sleep past market hours and I have a phobia of sleeping pills. No idea why

    If anyone has any experiences with sleeping pills please add or pm. My doctor is no help regarding this.
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  9. 1/2 an Exedrin P.M. works well for me ... takes the edge off and no residual effects the next morning.