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  1. Is there off hours real time VIX data?
  2. cvds16


    just think ... how would that be possible ?
  3. VXX VXZ ??
  4. cvds16


    vix can not be calculated cause it's derived from options vol. Options don't trade after hours so there is no vix as such. Don't think there will be many people wanting to make a market in any derivatives derived from vix cause that will be second derivatives allready.
  5. I don`t care what it`s derived from and how it calculates.I just need real time off hours data!

    Just give me the fecking real time after-bacchanalia vix data,i need it badly:D
  6. cvds16


    IT DOES NOT EXIST ! hope you get it now ...
  7. Locutus


    What exactly do you need it for?
  8. VXX trades post-mkt. VIX is a weighted strip of SPX options, so it's not quoted post-mkt. If you need vol AH then buy/sell VXX.
  9. I`d say if you gave me the source:D
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