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Discussion in 'Trading' started by burnin, Oct 23, 2003.

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    The market have now broke 1023, after hours....low is 1018.75 on esz. 1000 is a majic number again for the support.

    We nedd about a 49 point drop in the comp to fill the gap.

    I think i see some cracks in the wall, the question is....will the POWERS THAT BE, let this market tank......we opened down today(23) but the selling did not fact they rallied it to the highs of the day, reversed and closed on lows again.

    However, we have not really flushed.

    i have not seen any sign of a trend reversal yet, maby after we close the gap....we will see a better picture.

    However, a few more days of modest selling just tells me that the market is getting ready to run again.

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    by 23 i meant the 23rd of october and its opening.
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  3. <That X factor has excaped us for two years now. I would hate to be long and wake up to find out the Effile tower is gone, Vatican is destroyed, Golden Gate went down, or some other crazy shit.>

    or Elite Trader gone ... and replaced by SaddamTrader

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  5. Ebo


    Really poor taste.
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