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Discussion in 'Trading' started by burnin, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. well, i just saw a ridiculously low ask, and i didn't cover because it was so low my jaw dropped. i just sat there staring at it figuring the world was ending or something. i just passed up a free $5000. man that sucks bad.

    deer in headlights . that sucks
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  2. sorry, man. that does suck big time ! :(


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  3. burnin


    2nd day in a row WHACK ATTACK after the close

    somhow I dont get the sense there will be a recovery like today....tomorrow:eek:

    just in case anyone got in on that BAC fleecing of the institutional buyer, you can thank me for guiding him up to the buck:cool:
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  4. thanks for your commisseration surf, in a small way, that really helps. i think it sucks too :)

    serves me right for holding out on the possibility of armageddon like dr evil :mad: or something. i completely got what i deserved.
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  5. you are still in the money aren't you?

    good luck on your position ...

    a question ... why not cover a portion of it and place scale down orders overnight ?

    futures are lower than a few hours ago
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  6. yes, it's still a nice trade and thanks, hopefully tomorrow will be a nice slide, stoploss free. in retrospect, i should have at least covered part at that crazy ask before it completely evaporated back to normal levels. for all the time i sit around after hours waiting for something like that to happen, i can't believe it did while i happened to be sitting there holding a 1.5 normal size position, and i just froze. lol!

    thanks guys ... didnt mean to turn this into vanilla's shitty after hours slip-up thread, but i really appreciate the comfort. i guess the lesson is don't hesitate to cover when you see an ask that jumps a normal full day's range in two seconds.... cuz someone else is gonna hit it. damn damn damn

    peace, good trading
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  7. I was short QQQ overnight and decided to cover 1/2 my position size after hours when I saw the Naz futures drop to 1354, based on support of the 50-day MA. I figured it was a gift to make 65 cents profit on the Qs after-hours, so I wanted to lock in some gains. However, it could slide lower in the morning, so I kept half the position open. It's a very simple strategy, but I often like to close partial position size and keep the rest open in situations like this.
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  8. funky


    don't worry bout it v......shake it off :)

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  9. thanks buddy
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  10. Mecro


    Is the bubble popping? What does everyone think?
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