afterhours WTF

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  1. burnin


    is going on....
    love them bac shorts at 82.00:D
  2. you can read the newswires on softee

    a little panic set in and the hedge funds hit
    the futures after the re open on the CME
  3. Just glad I have a few hundred SMH puts.
  4. wondering the same, i just read this on:

    Security scare forces El Al flight 105 to land in Montreal. Toronto-bound Israeli flight with 180 passengers aboard was rerouted for emergency landing at alternate airfield near Montreal after unspecified terrorist threat received in Israel and flashed to Canadian authorities. They responded swiftly by rerouting flight. After 44 passengers bound for Canada disembarked, flight resumed to destination at Los Angeles

    no time stamp on the story unfortunately
  5. shit is plunging, what's happening?
  6. burnin


    dude, I wasnt sure everything i read was that softee beat the street......good god some pse dude was bidding 25c higher on bac
  7. JORGE


    Saw ES trading under 1019 for a few minutes, seems a little extreme for just MSFT.
  8. Not just MSFT - something happened at 18:00 (EST). Futures tanked...
  9. 19:11 El Al flight LY 105 that was to have landed at Toronto airport redirected to Montreal airport due to security warning

    that time would be from either GMT or Israeli time

    and thus is from early afternoon EST
  10. that futures are thinner than they used to be

    with softee hitting its lows near $27.50-$27.60 hedge funds etc
    just are covering themselves with futures selling

    I myself sold an ES in a flash on the re open and made about 1 pt
    but am crying in my beer and pretzls as the ES is now around 4-5
    lower than my cover
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