after years preparing, placing trades in 5 hr, already KNOW what I will make

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  1. in 5 hours or so


    already know how it will end

    working with IB 10 k account, 1 car traded
    I will make 200 or 100 probability 75%

    I will lose 100 probability 8.3 %

    I will lose 400 probability 8.3 %

    I will end at flat probability 8.3 %

    Don't wish me luck,, luck is for suckers :cool:
  2. OH MY god, I am actually a nervous wreck I think I know what I am doing but you never freakin know :( :D :D
  3. yeah yeah laugh all you want :mad:

    none of you know what's it like to risk REAL money

    we are all heroes paper trading aren't we :p
  4. well screw it

    would I rather be fighting in Gaza,

    no ???

    so screw it its better to try and fail trading than to frag in Gaza :eek:
  5. where is that opening bell damn it

    getting real freaked out here :(
  6. my precious precious 100 dollars

    I can't afford to blow up :( :( :(

    maybe I should just jump of the bridge NOW and be done with it
  7. asap


    why do you keep creating new aliases?
  8. but the good news is

    I have always been such a probability oddity in life

    a sigma six from birth

    that I could win lottery too and never need bother with trading :)
  9. I posted a treatment for cancer on ET, people complained and I got creamed

    surprising enough for you

    did you expect something different ?
  10. deep down being a dreamer and philosopher in life

    I find it amazing how I am living through things that countless people went through

    I think about such things and am amazed every time :)

    makes me wonder about life in general and laws of probability
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