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    I'm thinking about becoming a trader in Amsterdam.
    I've seen the offices of some companies like optiver and all options and I have an idea of what it is to be a trader.
    At this moment it is exactly what I want to do. It's challenging, there's a great atmosphere among colleagues, there's not a lot of overtime and it pays really good. But there's one problem, what do I do after I'm 40? All the traders are in their 20s/30s, and while trading you don't learn any valuable skills other than making a lot of money behind a screen.
    What are the career options after trading?
  2. You should use your accumulated wealth to start a business. Maybe a franchise brick and mortar type of business like a fast food restaurant or maybe a cozy little coffee shop. It would be a nice project to keep you busy and pay some bills.
  3. theres no life after trading. Trading is life.
    trading is an everyday process.
    you go to the store and buy chips ahoy with dollars, you are trading.
    you looking to buy a home for your family , you are trading.
    you exchange your current job for another, you are trading.
    you divert your IRA money to some other shit, you are trading.

    trading never ends.
  4. If you ever had a serious business, you might not consider that as a nice thing to do to keep you busy after retiring. Tax, legal, liabiliity, employees, customer issues, vendors, rising costs and a lot of other things make it painful, for the most part. Same thing with owning multiple rental units in a lower to middle income area.

    I would consider something like a modest bed and breakfast in a resort area (Poconos, Vermont, Colorado, or similar in that person's country). You only deal with a few customers each weekend, and once setup, there is fewer headaches
  5. +1

    There are only two types of people - those who actually know they are trading something for the other in life and those who don't

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