After they pervert marriage, they now want to pervert Christianity.

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    This is what happens when you tell homosexuals they are "normal" people and they are doing nothing wrong. They want to pervert everything.
  2. Gays adopting the rainbow symbol and associating homosexuality with the chakras is about as flattering to a Buddhist and Hindu practitioners as the Nazi's adopting the swastika.

    Pretty damn insulting if you ask me.
  3. We (the ultra-powerful/ultra-wealthy/ultra-connected) GAY SUPER POWER POLITICAL alliance will

    a) eat you
    b) then eat your children
    c) you are NOTHING like us
    Make way for our glorious and exalted SUPERGAY latino MALE alpha-homosexual 2024 POTUSA and his uber-dyke vice president (at least she will be a white broad).

    peace & perverted blessings!!

    The 'Ascetic-One' Vice Chancellor Cardinal Hedvig Von DIKKeman XII

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  4. Just put a sock in it.
  5. Surly you meant, on it.
  6. Does it even matter to you that being gay is not a choice for the vast majority (probably 99%) of gays and there is a proven biological basis for sexual orientation?

    Really, what the fuck is your problem? Stupidity? Religion? A dogmatic conservative nature wherein lies your entire self identity and from which you cannot budge? General hatred of anything different or "weird"? Plain hatred? All of the above?

    Or is it something in your sexual psychology? Repressing something? Protest too much?

    It's too much to ask some of you homophobes to learn and change. I guess we just have to wait for you to die off. Time heals all.
  7. I certainly think you are.
  8. Odds are pretty good that you homos will die off far before the more rational among us do...

    Then again if you guys convince enough teens that being gay is somehow cool, it will do a bang up job of keeping the population under control.

    My advice is to target the "problem groups" in the population...
  9. Nice rant....but you left out something......some people never had a problem with gays till the gays made themselves unbearable, unpleasant to be around.

    Point being, it's not necessaily external forces that causes people to reject gays, but the gays themselves who are objectionable. I's human nature..I don't think you do.

    Did you ever stop to consider your obsessant repititious litnany might alienate people to the point where they put thier hands over their ears and refuse to listen. You did it. You were the external force, amd just as responsible as the church or stupidity or whatever psych reasons you wish to blame.

    Just saying....
  10. People like ac/dc currents, will never get it that being obnoxious condescending and arrogant azzholes is a poor strategy for having one's point of view accepted as legit.

    Like peedrinker thinking he can somehow browbeat believers into adopting his atheism.
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