After the whole world is sure that Warren Buffet will fail...

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  1. I have principally to buy stocks now.

    I hope that globally every pundit is 100.000 % sure that we will have a prolonged and deep recession !
  2. The time to buy BRK will be when we see "The death of Berkshire Hathaway" on the cover of TIME magazine. That will mark rock bottom :cool:
  3. I just send my secretary running to the next newsstand :D :D :D
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    LOL :)
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    Im tired of hearing about berkshire, the stock is done with, will be trading under 25,000 when this recession is done with sometime over the next decade.
  6. Would you mind sharing your basis for this conclusion about BRK?
  7. He's probably right.

    By the time this Re/Depression is over, it's going to crush nearly every company's stock and nearly every investor... One of the last stocks standing should be Wal-Mart, but they'll likely get it too.

    So even if you've dodged this first bullet, you're not out of the woods... same for companies.
  8. I agree with you, but his comments seem focused on BRK instead of a general assessment about all stocks.
  9. BRK is moving with the market, which is to be expected. BRK.a isn;t going to collapse.
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    BTW the puts sold by Berkshire were plain vanilla. A few weeks ago most internet "experts" claimed otherwise. It was funny reading some "seeking alpha" etc bloggers with net worth a few hundred thousand dollars (at best) criticizing Buffett's investing decisions.
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