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Discussion in 'Events' started by Don Bright, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. Bright Trading will be holding a Free Open House and Workshop in our NYC office (120 Broadway) on Monday March 3, and in our Hauppague office on Tuesday, March 4. 6PM in NYC, 7PM in Long Island.

    Trader interviews and discussions in a little "quieter" setting. All the principals of the Firm will be there.

    NYC: 212.433.5079 (Chris Tsui)
    L.I. : 631.231.3558 (Gary Rizzi)

    We'll show some of the new stuff, discuss rates and alternative trader programs.

    Call to get addresses....

    See you there!!

  2. Will dinner be served? Lobster? King Crab?
    C-mon Don, treat the traders right!:D

  3. if dinner is served, i will most definitely be there ! perhaps at le cirque with don treating ??

    most excellent,

  4. Snacks and sodas, we try to conserve our traders money.....come on down anyway!! I will sign autographs for free, however.....


  5. Forget the autograph....i want a beer!! and a steak!
  6. bmwstox


    Don, are you going to the show?
  7. gaj


    small plug of a place i have no affiliation with...

    if you're looking for absolutely out of this world awesome lobster rolls, check out mary's fish camp in greenwich village. it's an A/C/E subway car away, maybe 15 minutes by subway? and then a few block walk. west 4th and charles, but you'll have to wait for seats, and it doesn't have 'atmosphere'. just great lobster rolls (and other good things, but i've only had the rolls).

    for less seating...pearl oyster bar, on cornelia, between bleecker and west 4th. top notch rolls there as well... (mary's is an offshoot of pearl).
  8. nitro


    Egggsxellent. Thanks for the tip.

  9. i dont wait for any seats anywhere.. seat me like RIGHT NOW or i am hist or ee! ...(let alone for "lobster roll") i'll bet it's loaded with fat yechhh :p