After Selling A Startup For $70 Million Founder Blows Through Fortune And

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  2. the media has hyped this story just to sensationalize it...the company she co-founded was purchased with only $5.5 million in cash plus some stock in the company that bought it out. In addition, she only got around 5% of the company's shares and had to split the cash....the acquiring company's stock subsequently she wasn't as rich as the media is trying to make it appear
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    Ok now that makes more sense. I was wondering how someone could blow through that much cash and end up selling drugs on Craigslist.
  4. Very easily.
  5. 1) Shoddenfroid once again. :D :p
    2) From rags, to riches, to jumpsuits. :eek: :cool:
  6. Interesting story, i knew there had to be more to the story. Good info.
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    thanks for the rest of the story Hurricane. The typical reporter is so lazy. The actual crime is probably inflated 3X by the police as well.
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    The lesson here is to

    (a) not run out and buy a penthous and a mansion, and

    (b) stay away from those degenerates in The Hamptons! No good can ever come of that...

    BTW, she is hot. Too bad she is behind bars. Some may find that hot too.
  9. Hot? Damn, you need to be paroled, now.
  10. $70 million is nothing.

    I bet this site has tons of elite traders around 25 making 100-million a year. Way more money in trading than doing a start-up, right?


    OK, making 50 million a year!!!!??


    $50 bucks


    lost it all on a one-lot scalp trade?

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