After Market Multi monitor video card for Dell precision T3400

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by John47, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Hi, I borrowed a fairly bare bones dell T3400 workstation from my office, had been used sparingly.

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to support multiple monitors and thats what I need.

    So, I need to get another video card....I'd like to have four monitors, if I can only get two I'll make do.

    If anyone could recommend a video card w/ 4 monitors, or let me know what slot works w/ the T3400 I'd appreciate.

    As you can probably tell I'm not the most computer savvy trader, so any advice would be appreciated. Cause the kid at best buy was no help. Thanks.
  2. You can run 2-8 monitors on a T3400. Check the Nvidia Quadro NVS line.
  3. John47


    How about this solution:

    The T3400 came w/ a Nvidia card, but it doesn't support 2 monitors, except as a clone.

    If I add another Nvidia card in a PCI slot behind the original (having two cards)....I think I should be able to use both cards ...and 3 monitors.

    I think this can be done and won't screw with the I right? Thanks fellas.
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    Check out the Matrox G200 Quad cards. There are quite a few on Ebay.
  5. Not exactly.

    The usual/base card which comes with a T3400 is an Nvidia Quadro NVS 290. It supports 2 monitors (not just a "clone" of 1 monitor. "Extended Desktop" is a Windows function).

    The 290 is PCIEx16, and there's a 2nd PCIEx16 slot on the mobo. Just get a 2nd 290 card (or an NVS 285.... they work just fine together) and you're good for 4 monitors. Nothing to be done in the BIOS.
  6. Quadro NVS cards are comparatively slow (though just fine for workstation apps like trading)... but the older Matrox cards, like G200 and G450 are SUPER slow... so slow, they won't even run my marine aquarium screen saver.
  7. CET


    It must be your machine. It works great on mine.
  8. No, what I said was COMPLETELY factual. (When you defend, "lookie what I did, and I like it".... makes you look needy and lame.)

    According to Passmark...

    Matrox G450 = 22
    (G200, too old to be listed, but from same generation as G450)

    Quadro NVS 290 = 136

    A FAST card... like GeForce GTX 285 = 2023

    I formerly used G450s, but replaced them for Quadro NVS cards years ago.... one reason being, the Matrox WOULDN'T RUN MY SCREEN SAVER..

    Therefore... JUST AS I SAID BEFORE... "NVS cards are comparatively slow, but old Matrox cards are SUPER SLOW"
  9. Exactly. I bought a T3400 when it was first introduced, it came with the Nvidia 290 which ran 2 monitors. You had the option to add a second 290 which ran an additional 2 monitors. That's what I'm running right now.

  10. And if you want to run 5 or 6 monitors, you can add an x1 card. Note... if you want to run 5 monitors, you should also activate the 6th monitor port even though no monitor is attached... Windows freaks a bit if you don't.
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