After many year trading still making few stupid mistakes, Need to know I am not alone

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by govno, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. govno


    not sticking to my plan I lost 1 k, stupid mistake
    how could I possibly think I know better than my plan :D

    make me feel better and say this happens to you too
  2. govno


    sorry my bad

    I wrongfully assumed there are lot of traders on this site. Geez time for me to go or what
  3. pneuma


    Dalai Lama once said when you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

    I suppose it depends on whether it is the same mistake again and again, or different mistakes periodically.

    How about you burn (literally) $1000 in cash every time you lose a $1000 trading. That might make the lesson stick.

  4. govno


    yeah Dalai Lama good guy

    why he isn't rich ? :D
  5. No, you're not alone.
  6. There is something wrong with ur system. U obviously don't trust it.

    U need to remediate that.
  7. wartrace


    If you don't lose every once in a while you aren't trying hard enough!

    It's funny how a loss by failing to follow your plan is "stupid" but if you had made a profit it would have been pure "genius"!:)
  8. I lost 24,000 in one day. Get in line.:D
  9. bstay


    yep, you're not alone.

    i attribute to Discipline. there are many things you know you should do (or not do), but it takes a "new" mistake or repeated mistake to remind you about your original plan.

    to some people, there is no way out .... it requires "pain" (as in losing big money) to be finally rid of one mistake/bad habit. then there are other mistakes and bad habits ....

  10. A lot of "traders" are really in it for the action, but kid themselves by telling themselves it is a way to make a fast buck.

    The $1k you lost shouldn't be a problem to you if that is your uncle point. I always know how much it is going to cost me to make a trade before I enter since the stop goes in first.
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