After Kazaa and Skype, he gives you free internet TV

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    Niklas Zennstrom gave you free music with Kazaa and free phonecalls with Skype, now he is aiming at free internet TV. He is only 40 and his stake of Skype sold to Ebay is estimated at 400 million.

    "Now Zennstrom and Friis have a side endeavor. They've co-founded a secretive Internet TV venture called The Venice Project, which analysts say could threaten the viability of network television."
  2. Great article pekelo. Thanks!
  3. We had free internet for sometime but the connection was horrible.....
    Do you remember Netzero???/..........there was another one but I forgot the name......something with Java in it.

    The point is that internet connection was horrible.

    Ohhh.. you are talking about tv......There is always a black box which steals all the channels.

    Now if you need one go to Brooklyn, take the F train to 28 th st.
    Get out and walk to 3rd Ave and 30th st. There you will see bunch of people hanging around at anytime of the day. Now you might think they are drugdealers, they are by the way. Ask for Pedro......he will 'hook you up' as they say, with free black box for onetime fee of $200. LMAO
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    So far the freest internet TV is: