After IndyMac's failure, which bank could be next?

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  1. Everyone that's deep into subprime, which is too many to count.
  2. "........but the Southern California lender was not on the FDIC's list of 90 banks that could be in danger of failing..."

    How does one get hold of that 90 list?
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    I've been doing some selling whole loans to various banks etc. We have our own list of 94 banks that will most likely fail, if your interested in it feel free to PM me and I'll send it to you. Include the email address to send the excel document too.
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    banks with huge midwest retail exposure. Nat city, key, and Fifth Third come to mind. Comeria could also be thrown in there, but they have always been more business banking than retail.

    Some of these guys were targets of bigger boys just a few years ago, but who the hell wants to buy them now? why pay 3 bucks for nat city when you could acquire it for 0 six months from now. Not to mention the big boys have their own problems and don't need to take on more.
  5. The following is from an article I read this past weekend as the most bantered about names:

    "Government not expected to help more companies: (Washington Mutual Inc., National City Corp., and Fifth Third Bancorp)"

    And it is just Monday (WM, NCC)

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    Who cares whos next, everyone is worried about the entire financial system collapsing which would include all 7000-8000 banks around the US, I think for the first time in history they will make up some kind of new name for an economy thats not in a recession and not in a depression but something RIGHT IN BETWEEN these 2. I think whats occuring at this moment in this economy is alot worse than a mild recession, its alot worse than the deepest recession this economy has ever been through. So enough talk about which bank is next, just take it that all 7000+ banks will fail in due time do to the biggest credit crisis in history.
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    i find it hilarious that within two years of relaxing. or in some cases, completely eliminating rules that were put in place following the Great Depression, we are staring down another one.
  8. yes, it's over
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