after huge effort, I do mean HUGE effort, results

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  1. someone


    after sacrificing everything in my life, women, money, weapons LOL

    time, nerves, friends, family and after sacrificing my mind :)

    I became consistent trader, but perhaps I made a mistake

    if I put all this effort into cure for cancer or world peace, I probably could have solved those too

    I should have picked something the entire world would Benefit from. :cool:

    oh well. note to self - tackle world peace in the next life :D
  2. someone


    don't let my grin put you at ease

    you guys better be willing to pay the price :eek:
  3. pismo10


    I agree, it's not worth it.
  4. someone


    no sorry you don't get me,

    what I am saying is, it takes loses to win

    I make about 1-3 k a day, I like that, but road has been harsh

    so it all depends how you look at it and what matters to you

    I recommend to people to become day traders, because swinger can take years to blow up
  5. dve250


    And in the end all you have is old age, weakness, and sickness. In other words nothing. You blew it sucka.
  6. It's also doubtful you are making money on anything but a lucky streak and randomness. This luck will soon run out and you will lose confidence, and lose money.

    Maybe you should read "Fooled by Randomness" and go back to delivering pizzas? :)
  7. If you put all that effort into finding solutions for cancer and world conflict you would not have solved either issue.
  8. Why not devote some proceeds of your trading to the issues you're concerned with?

  9. cf0532


    Do you mean that when trading in the stock market, benefiting or losing just depends on your luck?
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