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  1. I've been hearing and reading about after hour movements in the stock market. Mostly the movement an hour or two before the open. Where can I go to see chart movement of Intel for example, prior to the 930am open. Is this possible? Can trading be done in Intel at 850am New York time? Whose got these charts? Which platform has realtime showing this? Did I hear or read this wrong?
  2. I hope you are asking a serious question and not fooling around because I'm spending my time on this....

    Of course you can trade stocks before the open and after the close. Thats if you are with a normal broker. Any broker that allows pre/post market trading should give you an option to see the charts. Generally you'd have to change the timings in the charts. Which broker are you with. If you tell me which broker, I can probably help you edit the charts to see pre/post movement...
  3. I appreciate you helping me. I've only ever traded futures. The software package I use for charting is Genesis Navigator. I've been studying the ninja trader platform charts as well. Neither show stock movement from the 405pm to the next days 930am open. Joshua
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    I know with sterling the cpr/post market charts will only show up if you have your system turned on pre/post market otherwise they'll strat at the open end at the close, There is also a check box you have to activate in the setting for this