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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pubison, May 16, 2009.

  1. pubison



    I have started trading futures recently and would like to know if anyone has any recommendations as far as what futures are active from 8pm - 2am EST.

    2am - 4pm is the best time it seems but its very hard to do since i work.

    I have been trading FX for years and I have found futures are much easier to predict then FX but the market hours dont fit the times i can trade well. Are there any type of futures in the asian markets that are available?

    Any direction would be great!

  2. Stosh


    Stock index futures (ES and YM) have a lot of volume in those hours.... Eurodollars (GE) and U.S. Treasury notes (ZN) and bonds (ZB). You can also trade commodity and currency futures......and futures on the Singapore, Korea, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, London, Frankfort, Paris, Swiss, etc. exchanges. Lots of choices, but I think ES may have the most volume, not sure. Stosh
  3. It certainly seems that the market is A LOT LESS VOLATILE from about 8:00 PM EST thru 4:00 AM EST. These wild swings during the daytime is untradeable...

    How's liquidity/slippage/spread during the overnight markets, particularly ES & YM?



  4. Taiwan futures(STW symbol on IB) and nikkei futures.