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Discussion in 'Trading' started by k54, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. k54


    What are the best markets/insyruments to trade after the us exchanges close - I live in CA and want to put in more hours trading un the afternnon and evening.
    should I try currencies or some of the foreign exchanges. Liquidity is important.
  2. nassau


    It is not necessarily what are the best trading opportunities but more what you are comfortable trading. If you have only traded stocks and in my experience try and transfer your skills to the Forex or Futures markets the out come could be devasting to you.

    You are not giving anyone enough information to even reply.
    As perservation of capital should be your first rule, what is your capital, are you comfortable with a high beta stock and its moves if not the Forex or Futures (outside of the es) will bury you.

    If you are new? you might want to look at trading a few forex demos. I know and many others offer free demo accounts. You might play with usd/euro, usd/jpy, usd/ chf. I personal find the usd/jpy in the evening, slow giving you several trading opportunities nightly.

    What time frame are you looking at trading? If not minutes or an hour, we look at the stocks that have rallied or retraced and sell call or put options on them for the premium end of day. If after 4pm you can always play stocks up until 8pm est.
    ie short or buy stocks that have reported or had large moves for the day. Usually I have found that a stock will retrace after a rally after hours enough to make it worth your while.

    for what it's worth,

  3. k54


    THANKS - i currently trade futures - intraday - timeframe is minutes and hour at the most.