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    Hi All,

    Attached is a pic of NCR with trading activity after hours (the prints post market are on the right hand side).

    As you can see the closing price was 13.13 and there were some massive post market trades coming in at around 12.73 and then it popped back up to 13.13 and above with much smaller sizes.

    My question is are the large sizes actual trades done post market or are these prints from larger trades earlier in the day or out of market? 25% of the daily volume by the prints is after hours?

    Any input is much appreciated.

  2. Here is NCR Time & Sales.


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    The large blocks in the 12.73 area are from earlier in the day that were posted/processed late. The specialist was just cleaning up his books. Sometimes you see large blocks just after the close that are very near the closing price, and these are usually market on close orders.
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    Awesome, thanks for your prompt reply.
  5. Do you think this is posted late to hide the volume from other traders?

    I noticed the same thing with BMO on the Canadian exchange today.
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    I don't know if they are trying to hide the volume or they just had a big order to fill. The stock held a tight range in the 12.75 area for about an hour, and they are usually working hard to hold the stock in the price area that the buyer said they would pay. It is probably just easier to process the order later. Maybe others that know will post.
  7. I wonder if it might be the specialists reporting what they did in there own accounts? I noticed both stocks mentioned gapped up this morning.

    Report late and there is no way for the retail trader to act on the news.
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    Could be an arranged block trade based on something like the daily VWAP, could be a late reporting dark pool print, could be a broker-to-broker transfer... there are many different possibilities.

    That print was definitely not specialists. That was the CBOE. There is no "specialist" there doing that kind of volume. They just reported the trade there.
  9. That makes sense. Do you know if Dark Pools are require to report daily or just when ever they feel like it?
  10. no dark pools report to cboe for equities. they have 90 secs to print.
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