After hours totally dead.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by businessstaxes, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Did the new financial regulations killed off's totally dead. why dont' they just ban afterhours's just manipulation by a few guys. or prop desk in banks or hedge's totally dead. compared to early 2009 almost zero volume it's like 10% of volume in 2009
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    Extended hours trading is a waste of time, the spreads are gigantic, the volume is even more pathetic and you can only use limit orders, they should just shut it down all together. Take away the pre-market and after market trading and give us a real 8-10 hour trading day, enough with the 6.5 hour trading days, this isn't 1974 or 1989, its 2010.
  3. LOL its already dead during regular trading hours, you still wanna play extra-time?:D

    but yeah, compared to 2008,2007,2006,2005,2004, after hours are dead
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    in some exchanges they don't have afterhours in stocks or futures...the volume is too thin and easily manipulated by hedge funds or market makers...index futures like the ES lead stocks.. i agree it's a waste of time trading afterhours. with afterhours you also need more cash to trade.

  5. Sure, let the HFT boxes get another few hours to frontrun our orders.

    Great plan.
  6. I agree, why only 6.5 hour, sometime even shorter, we should have at least 8 hours per trading day, or don't trade at all.
  7. extreme vola/vol then, much 'calmer' now
  8. Who in God's name trades at that time? The market is already dead enough to be wasting time on that. I literally fell asleep at my screen yesterday and had a nightmare that I had my finger stuck on the buy button and was limit long and offside lol... true story.

    The ES needs to be open 24 hrs, I think it's cool, incase anything kicks off, if not JUST LEAVE IT, but also I think the 1 hour break they have in asia needs to be brought here.

    7 Hour trading days, with a 1 hour interval. Perfect.
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    august in general is pretty slow in terms of volume..wall street is on vacation..look at today's IWM volume-(-47%) to average..
    as for AH-use to be relatively active..probably some bots are trying to arb S&P i guess..
  10. Can you describe how you think the afterhrs manipulation works? I am half skeptical and half want to be enlightened.

    If "they" push the price up, can they really unload all the shares it took to move the price up on gullible traders without pushing the price back down as much? It has to be more complicated than that ... how do they unload with less price impact that when they accumulate?
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