after hours today...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chasinfla, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. why would a stock print 2$ lower at 17:49?
  2. WHICH ONE ????
  3. cat
  4. .
  5. its interesting...
    i see the print, but i cannot figure out
    on which exchange/ECN it traded, it seems
    it is not really there

    was it instinet ??
  6. Banjo


    Would have to be an ecn trade if occurred, no? For backround noise, CAT announces earnings 7/16 and there are are rumours they will miss and warn for the year.
  7. true enough, but it closed on its highs today and these trades printed 4 hours after NY close...hmm. over 100k shares traded at that time.

    ok, this is weird....look at WMT, MYG, S....

    Is anyone else seeing this? Is it bad data?
  8. janko


    nyse is having a quote problem across majority of stocks. reuters has them all wrong! so does yahoo and others, so just a heads up, that might be why it was showing that price.
  9. oh yeah. I recall a couple of really wierd ticks today....still freaky looking.
  10. nylord1


    that rumor about cat missing has been around for over 2 weeks now....not sure if that is the reason.
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