After hours spike on Gold

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    A big spike of about 8 $ just occured on GC and ZG. Does that kind of spike often happens on gold after hours?

  2. After hours? It's 11 AM in Europe and yes, they're trading gold.
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    you are clueless that gold trades 24hrs/day. should you be trading gold?
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    Sorry, I meant on european trading hours. I am in Europe as well but trade ZG and GC... It seems it is less volatile than in US hours.

    I made a quick study on charts and found 6-7 occurences of those in the last year. It seems most spikes, due to illiquid market orders or Europe moving are more ilke 2-4 dollars.
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    Obviously the market was discounting the American Socialist Solution of bailing out Citi.

    Seriously though, metals have to react soon to this endless pumping out of liquidity.

    Gold and silver both are subject to fairly substantial bouts of illiquidity during off-hours in North America, but clearly this time there was a reason for the spike.
  6. Gold is a bad bet. Central banks have much more supply than there is demand for it. They will just continue to sell into these rallies. Imagine how much gold has been mined in the past 5 years.
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    I didn't see any spike on Oanda platform.
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    please provide numbers.


    You can't possibly know that to be factual info, it's more of an assumption. Right now, GBP is proving to be SO unstable & perhaps righly so, that people that can read & have substantial savings are starting to put their savings into preciousl metals, I know that as I have spoken to dealers in the past & now, right now waiting time has increased to 6-8 days on silver supply & much longer depending on order size, that is BEFORE any media craze participation. Metals, like everything else, have gone, and perhaps still are, through stages of mass liquidations, hence prices are substantually lower from the highs, but here's the difference. Whilst it is very obvious that most sectors are in a bear phase (redemptions/liquidations), unlike stocks, real estate & currencies, precious metals are being accumulated right now, because there is real fear of losing money & not knowing where to park it. From a basic technical perspective - monthly charts for gold & silver are bearish (we know reasons for that), but now I am seeing their weekly charts showing very possible accumulation. I am already long Gold from $734.5
  10. I am Selling from around here to 520 Area

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