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    has anybody run into this kind of problem

    market price on the blotter or in account window is showing the closing regular session price not the current premarket or afterhour market price.

    if a stock is down in the afterhr session and you go short eg three pts down from the close you will show in the account window immediately a loss of $300/ 100share because the calculation is assuming that the position will be liquidated at the regular market closing price.

    in the premarket and aftermarket session profit/loss are being calculated off the regular hr. closing price not the current market place. in the account window .there are likely to be margin issues if positions are large enough

    anybody ever have to deal with this problem.
  2. AH account metrics seem to usually be calculated at the midpoint between "current" bid/ask, at least in my IB account. But my stuff is mostly Naz stocks.

    Wait a minute, now that I think about it (I don't have TWS on this computer), that is only the current "unrealized profit/loss" calc. It doesn't look the same as the account. I don't think....

    I guess I don't know how the hell they calc account margins AH on all the different securities. :(

    Maybe someone can 'splain it?
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    Yes, IB recently switched to this system, measuring all after-hours positions at the 4pm closing price. This basically destroys your margin if you trade afterhour stocks that have made significant price moves.

    I've emailed IB about this. but no luck.
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    per my example I don't like showing a loss on my position when there is no loss,.
    nor do I like showing a profit when there is no profit. if a stock is bought in the afterhours when the price is down from the close it will show a nonexistent profit.
  5. pnl totally wacky, was in ma earlier and altough price was @b/e it showed a loss of 666 dollars, ror the devil is back.
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    this is an important issue. aren't there any other afterhour traders
    who have an opinion on this change.