After Hours Mini-Gold

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  1. Why do I trade this? I've been stuck in a lousy 1 point short for the past hour and a half. This is seriously like watching paint dry.

    Anyone else trading this snooze fest right now?
  2. why are you even trading the miniGold?...takes a huge move to even make any $$$...also, are you ready margin wise to hold overnight or will you liquidate here soon?
  3. When I decided I wanted to try my hand at futures (been trading stocks for about 2 years prior), I wanted to go with something I understood in the most inexpensive way possible. In that order. Mini Gold seemed like my best option.

    And of course I covered about 5 minutes after making this thread..
  4. was this your first futures trade? and first minigold trade?...what did you net?
  5. No, I've been at it for about a week and a half now. Net on this trade after commissions was $26.00
  6. Surdo


    If you are going to trade in the middle of the night, you are better off with EC, which has a semi liquid 1/2 sized contract as well.
  7. What is /EC contract?
  8. did you ever get back into trading the miniGold?
  9. Surdo


    EURUSD futures, EC on some platorms, 6E on others.
  10. Yep, still at it. I'm trying to learn more about wheat and corn also.
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