After hours futures going beserk

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    Alcoa is boosting all stocks after hours the meltup is coming, 10,000 by Friday afternoon. Remember all that sideline cash has to go somewhere, money managers have to put money to work and chase the overbought market so they can show at least some gains, some did miss the bear market rally.
  3. It's all about the $$$$$. I know SPX broke under major trend line, then came back to test it and several blogs were calling for a perfect short. I thought about buying puts, but just couldn't pull the trigger, knowing how almost every technical short has been failing. Time will tell, but for now the trend is your friend. And the boyz at top "need" this to higher.
  4. yes they need this market to go higher as a lot of people are short and they need to be liquidated . SO that they can bring this market back down with as many long they can screw.
    IT a matter of time the market will really fall hard just when- ? no one know - ?
  5. O yea es 1061 was a strong resistance if it can brake tonight we are going higher. es right now 1064 WTF !!!@#@@##@#
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    1120 is coming, then 1200, eventually buyers will be sellers, these kinds of moves are not sustainable in this market, everyone thinks the credit crisis is over. We are going towards a "L" shaped recovery, right now we are going through a lost decade just like Japan, anyone who tells you the economy isnt headed into a lost decade is LYING to you. No need to rush in now when you can buy these same stocks priced at todays levels 5 years from now.
  7. Its a combination of 2 factors really. One is the dollar. To say that european money is 50% times more valuable than ours is ridiculous...but the forex mkts say its true. So the ES rises. But I thinks it's also the govt taking advantage of the situation. The govt absolutely CAN NOT control the economy. They can't make companies hire folks. And they can't keep a company from laying off, and JOBS is what its all about. But the one thing the govt can do is..bada bing....jam the stock mkt higher. Everynight on the 6:30 news..or whatever time in your's reported that Wall St enterprets latest data as a postive and stocks rise. So when "joe public" see the news, (unless he watches Fox or surfs the web)....he sees stock market going higher and thinks its all ok. When his day of reckoning finally comes, nobody knows. But until then, party on!!!
  8. that makes as much sense as anything
  9. Yeah, so much for that "top is in" call, eh? Can I move it to chit chat now to burn in flames with all the other hundreds of top calls?
  10. price momentum is crazy and there is no downticks in anything. amazing. its almost like the nasdaq in 2000 off the bottom
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