AFter-Hours Futures Falling

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    Guys, something is going on. Check out GLOBEX, at about 11:18pmEST, there was bunch of bids being hit, Russell 2000 mini's dropped from 771 (already 10pts below fair value) to 767 in 4 minutes on a couple hundred contracts.
  2. ES just printed 1444
  3. just made 8 pts from a short to a long. incredible fast no bid drop
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    Hard to tell if it was a margin call (somebody got raped), or if somebody knew something. I typically trade the ER2 russell 2K minis, but you're right, it's across the GLOBX complex, even Copper took a couple.
  5. That is odd.
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    Fascinating, happening again (11:33pm).....print 767.10 on ER2. Knowing how illiquid it is at this hour, why?

    I just have this bad feeling about tommorrow. Maybe it's nothing. But after all the freaky news this morning, it just seems ominous.

    Unless the futures make a dramatic comeback before opening bell tommorrow, it looks like we will have a gap down in the cash markets.
  7. had a buy order sitting at 45......popped in before going to bed & was surprised it was tagged.......kicked it at 47.50 as i have a funny feeling tomorrow could be one of those days that people will be talking about for quite some falling.
    market is due for a serious cleansing.
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    It all started when Australia fell on bad news and continued when Asia started to tank. US futures followed them down. YM is down 1% too.
  9. Cramer's changed the name of his show to :

    he's sad.
  10. Hang Seng free fall almost 600+ points
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