After hours follow through

Discussion in 'Trading' started by michaelday, Oct 7, 2001.

  1. From your experince, how often does the after hours futures market follow the trend of the last two trading hours? I'm noticing that it usually trades in a narrow channel so the best trading strategy IMO would be to estabilish the channel early on and then buy at the channel lows and sell at the channel highs without much regard to the other TA indicators.
  2. My observations are twofold:

    1) just after the markets close there may be a gap open on globex and if the last hours of the day session is particularly strong then there is a higher likelihood of a continuation of trend.

    I have observed alot of range bound buy and selling but they are opposite of your approach. sell resistance and buying support since the range can be about two points

    2) Early next morning overseas markets have alot of influence.

    10 point ranges are not uncommon overnight

    so I guess it depend when you want to trade and how. Breakout of range bound trading just after day session close is not very likely so buy/sell breakout/down is difficult.

    Anyone doing the opposite ie playing market maker on globex?

  3. Apologies,

    I misread your suggested trading approach!!!!