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  1. I've watched people trading after hours for a few years,
    and can't quite figure out what the majority of them are basing
    their trading decisions off of. During the day trading the ES you
    can watch the DOW, or for the NQ's you can watch the Nasdaq
    index. I would assume it has to be a foreign market but just
    not sure which one, and which index. Any ideas or opinions
    would be appreciated.


  2. Pabst


    Sometimes post close trade can be off earnings or guidance. Early evening the Nikkei, early morning Europe, or in the present environment, war news.
  3. nitro

    nitro all those things mentioned above by Pabst...

  4. But doesn't the Dow index move because of ES and Nasdaq because of NQ?
  5. Thanks Pabst, Nitro,

    I just would of thought it would be a more concrete - real time
    edge than that. If you have buying of any given stocks
    whether they are NYSE or NASDAQ, is there a way to know
    real time whether the index would be going up or down,
    without researching all the "heavily weighted stocks"? It just
    seems like such a crap shoot, wondering whether, at any
    given point, most of the traders, have way over estimated the current technicals or news. I think I'll have to stick to the "day"
    sessions, even the news and technicals there often throw me,
    but at least I can watch to see how the markets interpret the
    events real time.


  6. gnome


    Trading the ES AH (or even during the day), is a psychological play... money wants in or out... base upon news in the US and abroad, reaction to overseas markets, and S/R in the chart alone.

    That other markets may not be trading makes virtually no difference.

    I wouldn't think of it as "Naz moves up BECAUSE of NQ"... the Naz moves tomorrow because someone wanted into Naz stocks tonight and expressed it through the NQ. They are virutally one in the same as far as an expression of wanting in or out.
  7. gnome is correct....statistically speaking gap up = open <close rth or vice versa.

    Michael B.
  8. gnome is correct...Statistically speaking :

    Gap up = open<close

    and vice versa.

    My last post got chopped off. sorry for the duplicate

    Michael B.
  9. I cannot use the larger than symbol...sorry

    When we get a gap up in the RTH session the direction is probable to be rising prices until the close for that session. or vice versa.

    Michael B.
  10. nitro


    Just like in the day session, all of the things you are referring to will play themselves out in the night session. The difference is degree, and taste and style. For the most part though, it is technicals and the arbs that move the ES/Big spoo until markets of correlation start to open.

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