After-hour Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cyber0066, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. How does this happen? Can regular people like us using a discount broker trade afterhours?

    Just wondering because I hear Intel's earnings released today and it mentioned that the stock dropped during after hour trading.
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    Most online/direct access brokers permit trading 8AM - 8PM.
  3. Yes, after hour trading is available to everyone. Just remember there are no market makers after hours and it normally is very low volume. If you buy or sell a stock after hours you may not be buying or selling at a price that reflects the true market value of the stock.
  4. Ok so just to clarify for after-hour trading.

    The price still does fluctuate after hours right?

    I just tried submitting an market order now (7:37pm) and it says that the transaction wil be completed the next business day. Does that mean that I will buy it at the price it is right now? Or the price it will be tomorrow morning?
  5. No market orders are allowed because there is no market maker. You have to buy at the current ASK
  6. check the features on your platform; maybe u can allow triggerin' outside regular mkt hours...there should be an option somewhere.
  7. Cancel that order or you will get killed tomorrow morning.
  8. The current ASK is the MARKET. I thought.
  10. Yes you are correct, BUT only when there is a market maker present and there are NO market makers after hours.
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