after "gold" my next short is "ebay"

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  1. great company, just a bit too pricey, at least for the moment. I would also expect a stock split, chart would suggest such a thing.
  2. TGregg


    Yeah, I've long wished to invest in EBAY, but it's outrageously priced :(.
  3. Jeffo


    People have been saying that since it was in the low 60s.
  4. Actually I'm long the qqq and short ebay to make a spread. In IMHO ebay has held up a long time, maybe too long.

    It reminds me of NVDA, which not too long ago was priced to hell and it seemed it would never come back.

    Time will tell.
  5. I guess I'll be writing EBAY 12.5 Puts soon.
  6. I was trying to get on the long side of EBAY for about a week. Finally gave up on Wednesday after getting stopped out all the time.

    At least I had GE...
  7. Momento


    NVDA & EBAY on different boat...

    there are serious buying and investment banking relationships behind ebay. NVDA didn't... (they were always on the spot light for insider trading etc...)
    I am not advocating the fact that it is a good buy... but i definitely would look for something ELSE to short instead.

    Good lucky trying to fight that insanely strong tape.

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    GOLD is a great idea. :D
    I need some help from you guys to pressure it a little.
  9. Foz


    If you want to find a cheap, used copy of "The Art of Short Selling" by Kathryn Staley, where are you going to look?

    Likely either Amazon or Ebay. I wouldn't short either one.

    (By the way, here's the auction for the book: Is the book any good? Current bid is $21.99. Or the book is available on Amazon at Used for $24.75. I just picked this book because the thread topic is shorting stocks.)
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