"After Earth"- this years "John Carter"?

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  1. This movie looks awful.

    Another M. Night Shyamalon box office bomb starring Will Smith who probably did the movie just to get his untalented son a lead role.

    Watch the trailer. How could the planet "evolve to kill humans" over just 1000 years, and more obviously, why would animals evolve to kill humans if humans already left the freaking planet? And the CGI looks like it was done by a high school A/V class.

    This thing looks horrendous.

  2. 1) The "end of the world" subject matter has been beaten to death recently. :(
    2) Is it a long-term, buy-signal for the overall market? :confused: :eek: :p :D
  3. Eight


    I gotta see that! The worst Sci-Fi is better than the best Chick Flick..
  4. Will Smith in a action or comedy flick is a close to guaranteed blockbuster (100 million domestic box office )

    His kids are annoying as hell and the last good move he was in was years ago(I am legend) so I wont be seeing it but it will be a box office hit imo
  5. A $100M box office is not a blockbuster for a film with $130M production budget and $50M in opening costs.

    The movie will need to gross over $300M worldwide to make a profit. Very unlikely.



    ... After Earth ... opened to $9.7M Friday for a $27.2M [projected] weekend. That’s much less than the high $30sM to low $40sM which Sony was predicting and which tracking showed was possible right into Friday. Rival studios chortled it’s “2.5 times worse than Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid reboot and half of Oblivion‘s opening” with Tom Cruise. Not hard to understand why because reviews for the sci-fi newcomer were just plain awful: 13% positive on Rotten Tomatoes.
  6. Comparing "After Earth" to "John Carter".... is unfair to "John Carter"..... "After Earth" is a much crappier movie.
  7. I agree 300 mill needed to be a success,I think it will make over 300 million.I think Will knew it was a crappy movie but did it to get his son a starring roll in a summer big budget movie

    Again,it will make 300 million worldwide imo
  8. Yeah, it looks terrible and his kid was cute in the other films but looks like a hood now. I'd bet it doesn't do more than $150MM at the box office in the first three weeks.

    Anxiously waiting for World War Z and Superman.
  9. Same here

  10. Even though Pitt is a horrible actor thats the summer movie I want to see the most.Wish they would have released it in May.
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