After Don and Bob Retire...?

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  1. I have toyed extensively with the idea of lmovign ot Vegas, laying down my hard-earned cash, and giving Bright Trading a try.

    There is a saying that an institution is the lengthened shadow of a man (or two men,or woman, or what have you).

    After Don and Bob leave Bright Trading, will Bright Trading continue to come up with market-beating techniques, or will it coast for a while on its present strategies, and die out, having lost its spark of genius?

    Is Tammy Bright capable of attracting the talent to keep Bright Trading cutting edge, or wil she be a mere figurehead?

    Will the major players of Bright step up to the plate or will they spin off (like Cash Coyne and others.

    The long-term viability of Bright Trading is real consideration to me.
  2. i am sure when that happens, they have a plan to keep the money train moving forward, we are talking about well oiled machine here.. they will be around for sometime to come.. but i am sure don will pop in to comment.. to put everyones fears to rest.. with all due respect.
  3. Thanks for the concern, and, yes, we have a plan of gradual succession. Next generation now as President (Tammy), CFO (Christy), Vagas Manager (Bobby), and we're grooming some "non-family" members to help. I doubt Bob will let loose of the reins anytime soon, LOL. And, what the hell else am I going to do?

    And, not to sound cliche' - if you enjoy what you do, why stop doing it, justs make yourself grow older quicker, IMO. I do plan on traveling more, but only with a laptop in hand, LOL.

  4. just when i thought their was hope in getting a lower comm rate, oh well. lol.
  5. I still don't quite understand. Not a month goes by that I don't get traders from the other major firms...looking for capital use and overnights, and maybe some help - and the prices these people pay are quite similar. I realize that there are a few guys "grandfathered in" at a couple of firms (I know we do, LOL), with really low rates, but for the most part, our seasoned traders do pretty well. New people pay a bit more, but trade very little, experienced traders trade more, and pay a lot less per share.

    Anyway, I know you're just "bustin' my bxxxs" - and I also know that some people could pay zero commissions and still not make any money with some help and some capital, LOL.

    Always good to have you involved, Scorpion - you always seem to help new people out...I may disagree on a few points, but not many....have a good one!

  6. DON.. your the best, i know your biased, but some of us experienced traders may have a different viewpoint about rates then yourself, i am not the only one, paying higher does not make sense, but then again every situation is different. you disclose your rates generally speaking , its just our opinion thats its higher then the norm, industry standard. not many firms charge 1 cent per share to my knowledge .. thats all i am saying, maybe with your firm, their is added value for a higher comm? i am talking about experienced traders paying this.. no offense, but for active volume traders , intra-day only , the rate is not competitve at all... based on a comm rate of 1 cent per share.. otherwise most traders would agree you offer some advantages to your competition.. you will probably disagree with us on your rates, regardless of that .. you & your firm are on my good guy list in any event, in having a great reputation all these years.
  7. cstfx


    Why? What are you traveling with now?

  8. "Active, Volume traders" do not pay anywhere near a penny. And, all traders pay .004 for shares above 1,000 on any order, which is pretty much inline with the major firms. Anyway, as I keep saying, keep up the good work with helping others on the board, we all appreciate it.

    And, yes, we have several groups who offer "value added" and deserve to receive a bit extra for their help to newer traders. Not a bad plan overall for the newer people.

  9. Havent' upgraded that far yet, LOL.