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    Hello Everybody,
    I was asking myself about the following rule: "after a winning position stay away from that market with the next set up".
    What do you think abot that? It is truth of just BS?

    See thet attached file: the winning trade in the blue box and the questionalbe one in the red one.
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    the blue trade was a nice setup, the red is a coin toss
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  4. BS
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    Whoever made that rule is allergic to money...
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    I think it's even better to go in right after a winning trade, not only have you just got yourself a moral boost by WINNING you also are inside of a trend and if you are in a market you know well that'll mean that you can keep things going. I think the only time it might be good if it's at the end of the week and the markets are going to close for the weekend.
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    If the market handed you $50.00, $500.00 $1,000.00, maybe $5,000.00… whatever

    Would you take it and respectfully say – Thank You may I have another – then go get it..

    Or would you get the big head, the adrenalin kick, and start thinking you’re 10 foot tall and bullet proof – now give it to me

    Market will give you – exactly what you take…, it will take whatever you take for granted – and it will continue to take for as long as you decide to fight it…

    imho – Best you ask yourself - then listen

  9. When you are hitting you keep ringing the register.

    It is not uncommon for me to string together 10 or 15 winners in a row. Never in my mind am I thinking I should not take the next trade because I just made money on the last.
  10. What is your rule if you have a losing trade?

    Why would one be different from the other?
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