After 5/7/10 close, now JPMorgan subject to "far-ranging" Criminal probe

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  1. this one could quickly to escalate to the anal kind :eek:
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    The gold bugs are gonna love this one. :D
  3. Well isn't that just great.

    Stay tuned while everybody who does anything becomes indicted under civil and criminal probes.


    Crack me up, Lehman files bk for >600 b and the lawsuits total 880B.

    A while ago I was looking for the F 500 list of companies not involved in litigation, think there are any?
  4. This JPM news hasn't yet appeared on Google Finance. Might get a short sale tomorrow at higher prices.........
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    The reason for the crash?
  6. On Bloomberg since 9:52 this morning. You where not thinking that The Street dot com have their own reporter right?
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    Time to go long silver ....