after 1 year of bashing, its time for me to take a look at spyders SCT posts

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  1. well I never really looked at SCT or what ftt stands for etc etc

    so maybe I'll go look into it

    sorry for years of trouble ET :)
  2. Lucrum



    FFT (Be sure to skip intro)

  3. now now, don't be like that, I think Jack H and his minions (spyder) may be on to something

    perhaaaaapsss I can take bad SCT strategy and turn it into good system

    by modifying 99.9% of it :cool:
  4. So what you are really saying is you've bashed and bashed and yet, all this time, you had no clue what you were bashing?

    Is this really what you are telling ET, that you started many anti Jack threads and posted many anti Hershey posts and all this time you had NO IDEA as to what you were argueing against?

    Please, tell ET what your motives were. This should be interesting :)

  5. I got into bad company, I got mixed up with some mixed up kids, you know how it is

    Once I was in the gang, it was hard to get out, I tried talking to my parents but they themselves were gang members so it was useless

    but no more, I decided to read and find out what SCT is all about :)
  6. I actually use a stoch that is very similar to one of jacks.

    I may use it in a different way though. I use the "hooks" to stack the shit out of an existing position. Not ever for entry.
  7. I can already see where this is headed, sometime later tonight, tomorrow or next week you'll proclaim that you've done your DD and its a fraud.

    This is way too predictable.

  8. I thinking Spyder is a credible trader, I have had a few chats with him and he has been very open, very willing to share, and I believe he's made it work for him.
  9. nah cokie, its about humor, just enjoy the shit I put out ok :)
  10. Ok, I will. I am just waiting for something funny to come out though :confused:

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